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Discussion in 'Content Strategies' started by Dronelander, Jun 14, 2018.

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    After changing a bit of my strategy by preparing all description according to tags, I've seen watching time increasing of about 56% compared to the previous 90 days...last week I had an avarage of 3 to 4 new subs a day..this week, 0 subscriber so far...

    I really don't understand Youtube folowers : unamused:

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    It just seems to be the way it is. at least your watchtime figures are up which long term is probably better for you than subscriber numbers. On the other hand, I know I could do with more subscribers and if that turns into watch time then even better.

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    Yeah, stop looking week-to-week and start looking year-to-year. You have think in years, not days. Don't try to understand YouTube followers. Try to to find ways to stay motivated. If the content you're producing isn't enough to keep you motivated then the real problem is you personal reasons why, not the audience itself.

    The real questions are:
    1. Can you endure? Can you hang in there three to five years without seeing results?
    2. Is there a market for what you have? Is it overcrowded? Can I niche down?
    3. Am I or can I pierce through the "background noise" that is the modern marketplace?

    I know for one, the initial reaction to drones is over. The WOW! factor has dissipated. The initial surge has been absorbed into the marketplace. Drone are just another wide-angle lens. So in the big scheme there is a bit of a lull, perhaps.

    The question now becomes what is the long-term positioning of drones in terms of photography, videography and cinematography? How will this technology flesh out in other fields of endeavor: firefighters, police force, park rangers, EMS, real estate, farming, fishing, racing, sports, shipping, transit and any number of other fields. The amount of content on this is about to increase by whole orders of magnitude, imo. But the content will be far more niched into marketplace segments as opposed to the initial onslaught of a brand new technology that allows you to get a cameras into places we've never thought of before.

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