Suggested [Browser] Tag Explorer - Show numbers for search volume and competition

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    Short Version:
    I'd love to be able to see these numbers immediately without needing to hover the mouse.

    Long Version:
    When analyzing a tag in the browser version of the tag explorer, TubeBuddy currently shows search volume and competition levels via colored bars with an arrow pointing to a spot on each bar along with a word describing the statistic as "Average", "Very Low" etc. Hovering a mouse pointer over the words will give the numerical results for these stats.

    Getting the raw numbers helps when trying to compare large numbers of tags against each other. Being able to grab them a little quicker would be a nice quality of life improvement.

    It could be said that this is the purpose of the "Score" statistic (which is already shown as a number) but scores can be misleading. Sometimes, two different tags will have similar scores but differing degrees of search volume/competition ratios. A high score with high search volume/medium competition could be considered better than a high score with medium search volume/low competition, for example. It might also be the case that I choose to disregard the competition portion of the statistic and just want to compare the highest search volumes.

    Interestingly, the iphone app has a different visual design and already does this.

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    I'll pass this along :)