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Seeking Advice Share your latest Thumbnail design for Constructive Criticism.

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Anthony Smith

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My basic rules are that:
  • thumbnails need to have important elements and context visible at all resolutions
  • thumbnails should not repeat text in the title
  • keep text minimal
lesser guidelines I personally use are:
  • Contrast AF
  • Leave things ambiguous enough for some people to misinterpret
  • I use a white frame when possible to make the images sliiiiightly smaller thus standing out, this also allows me to avoid the video length interfering too much with the thumbnail and gives me a variant to add images and text over on the right
  • color, go bold AF or display many bold ones
  • Always upload at a minimum of 1080p
  • Though the Tubebuddy thumbnail builder is AWESOME know its strengths and limitations. Don't be scared to fire up the image editor.
-bLoqjH-KLY.png i876LXJgsok (1).png ToA3YTdKSaA.png
^^ This is about the smallest that they'll appear on YouTube I try to make sure that this size works no matter what!
i876LXJgsok (1).png

These are probably bigger than YouTube will ever display them but it's the full size that the board uses. As you can see they're not designed to be super high res, just a fair representation of the video since the VAST majority of people will never see the large version at full size.

Your thoughts?

The Howards

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Wow, first of all i love this idea! I think its great to get feedback from one another as there are lots of different channels on here. any way I think your thumbnail looks really good @Playtime with Ayden I love the way its set out almost like a post card!.. It's certainly something i can see me and the family clicking to watch thats for sure!.. Not much criticism but i just think the colours work well and photos are good too!.. Ok i have no idea how to upload the image as its saying its to big! ant solutions?


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For a while, I used the Tube Buddy editor to find a still image of my video that I liked and put some text that was similar to the tile but not the exact same, in the same font but in different colours, depending on what worked with the image. Here are some examples:
Sunchoke TN.jpg Homestead TN.jpg Garden Update TN.jpg Mulch TN.jpg

For my most recent video, I played around a bit more with the the TubeBuddy editor and used a border from TuberTools
Garden Improvements TN.jpg


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That is my one. I actually used my two teenagers to help with the design. I wanted modern, but not modern, old but not too dated. I actually use the graphics splash as the watermark in the corner of the channel too to keep the branding consistent.

So where do I fall down? (apart from being old and doddery)
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I always try to make them similiar to the one of bigger channell, but i still need a bit of practise to divide objects on ps. After that i use canva for text and finish it.

I use wowmodelvier


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I have a channel on my Journey with Depression, Anxiety, other important topics such as Suicide prevention. I created the channel several months ago but just in the last week I've been focusing heavily on it. My friend and I came up with 3 general Thumbnail designs but we are looking for feedback on which design is best. (I hope these images show up here ok) - The first design was one I threw together quickly using a template from Canva.com, The 2nd design was one I did completely custom. I was going for the whole "light at the end of the tunnel" sort of theme. The 3rd design is one my friend put together based on my 2nd design. We are looking for feedback on which one you guys think will gain more views. Thanks!

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maxresdefault.jpg maxresdefault (1).jpg

I am pretty new. So I have a couple questions.. Is this basic design to simple/plain? most say to keep it fairly simple and bright that i have found. also should i use different colors but same format and background for different type of video like the ones i attached. or should i use same format and background on every video and just change the words/images? and overall help. Thank you in advance!!

Infinite LIVES Donna

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This is the last one I made.
I don't actually have my channel name on the image but it does have our terrified faces. And Jason wearing a hat. I had too much fun with this one. Should I be adding the channel brand image in the corner?


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I think my thumbnails are getting better (design wise) as I get more experience with YouTube but you may disagree. I'm open to suggestions for improvement, as I am in a field where there is stiff competition for eyeballs (dating/relationships). Here is one I will be using this week in my new series.
Feb  1st thumbnail 2.jpg

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