Community Do you Play Overwatch?

If yes, what do you play Overwatch on?

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No "no" in the poll? Guess till I come around to try it no one else will be playing it any more
This game is very popular, and something I am slowly getting more familiar with. I wanted to know, do you play Overwatch?
I actually got overwatch pretty recently (during the Xmas sale). I'm a HUGE fan of TF2, so when Overwatch became a thing I got really excited and figured it would be about the same. I was SO happy when I finally bought it... then I met the community. I haven't touched it after I was cussed out in voice chat because I was healing at bronze level on Mercy.... less than a minute into a ranked match... before anyone got damaged or even needed healing.

The community that I've seen has been nightmarishly toxic. That experience was just the latest in a long line of nasty people. I get that Esports are now a thing and everyone wants to be the best but between people on voice cussing at random, talking about drugs as if it's the funniest joke ever, and berating other players worse than ANY MMORPG I've ever played (used to run raids in WoW so I've seen some stuff), I've pretty much given up on the game.

Haven't touched it for a few weeks now. Would get a refund if I could. TF2 had a few jerks who took the game too seriously but it was mostly just a bunch of great people who were playing for the fun of it. I miss that :pensive: And yes, I know TF2's still around but it's clunky and ancient compared to Overwatch... I really hoped it would be the next TF2 but instead it's just the latest in a long line of examples of how humanity, the internet, and competitive sports, should never mix.
I Used to play overwatch a lot on PlayStation but the people is way too toxic even when your on quick play but its still a very fun game to me