Community What was the first Video Game you Remember playing?


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The very first ones had been stuff like snakes, space invaders and then tetris - also my mother had a copy of Zack McCracken but we did not understand the copy protection so we never went farther then murdering the two headed squirrel with the butter knife I think.

The first true Game I remember was Flight simulator 2.0 on a amber display I can't recount how many times I crashed that chessna into the sears tower... (guess I never figured out landing but must haben been 6 or 7 back then...
Unsure of the timelines, it would either be PacMan on Commodore 64, Donky Kong on Game and Watch, or possibly Super Mario Bros BEFORE I ever actually played it. Pretty sure I experienced all of them at or around 10 years old, possibly even younger.
Not sure the exact name but I was really little when I played my first PC game called Lost Worlds on Windows Me... I miss that game. Oh and Timmy the Dream Hunter! :D

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Coming up without a lot of Money. I was forced into games that weren't new even for my time when i started. I remember the first game i ever had and played. Its Pokemon Blue For the original Gameboy. Im now playing it on my channel for so many reasons. I just loved that game and young R spent so much time on that game. And resisting it now? I can say. It's still as good as it was back then.

Also sorry for more gushing but i hold so many memories


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When I was a kid my dad bought me a Commodore 128 with a lot of games.
One of the games was Commando. Almost every day I visited my dad and if I wasn't hanging with my friends, having a barbeque with my dad, then you could find me in front of the computer play Commando. I remember I almost always died every time I passed a bridge and it took my a lot of tries to finish the game. It's good memories to have :)


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This has brought back memories. My first video game was Crash Bandicoot which i played on my neighbor's Playstation. I had no idea what I was doing. :laughing: