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Community What was the first Video Game you Remember playing?

Hi guys,

Just want to know What was the first Video Game you Remember playing?

For me, it's Super Mario on TV Games.My first PC game was GTA Vice City.



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The very first ones had been stuff like snakes, space invaders and then tetris - also my mother had a copy of Zack McCracken but we did not understand the copy protection so we never went farther then murdering the two headed squirrel with the butter knife I think.

The first true Game I remember was Flight simulator 2.0 on a amber display I can't recount how many times I crashed that chessna into the sears tower... (guess I never figured out landing but must haben been 6 or 7 back then...


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I'm old enough to remember when Pong first showed up in stores and restaurants and we all thought it was the coolest thing ever.

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Unsure of the timelines, it would either be PacMan on Commodore 64, Donky Kong on Game and Watch, or possibly Super Mario Bros BEFORE I ever actually played it. Pretty sure I experienced all of them at or around 10 years old, possibly even younger.


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Not sure the exact name but I was really little when I played my first PC game called Lost Worlds on Windows Me... I miss that game. Oh and Timmy the Dream Hunter! :D

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Coming up without a lot of Money. I was forced into games that weren't new even for my time when i started. I remember the first game i ever had and played. Its Pokemon Blue For the original Gameboy. Im now playing it on my channel for so many reasons. I just loved that game and young R spent so much time on that game. And resisting it now? I can say. It's still as good as it was back then.

Also sorry for more gushing but i hold so many memories


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When I was a kid my dad bought me a Commodore 128 with a lot of games.
One of the games was Commando. Almost every day I visited my dad and if I wasn't hanging with my friends, having a barbeque with my dad, then you could find me in front of the computer play Commando. I remember I almost always died every time I passed a bridge and it took my a lot of tries to finish the game. It's good memories to have :)


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This has brought back memories. My first video game was Crash Bandicoot which i played on my neighbor's Playstation. I had no idea what I was doing. :laughing: