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Official Introducing the Professional verified badge!

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Hello Tubebuddy Community,

What is the badge?:

The Verified Professional badge, is for Professionally trained GFX, VFX, Illustrators, Etc. If you work day to day as a professional in the digital industry, this badge will help you get noticed for your hard work. If you're unsure go ahead and submit, and we will let you know. It's important to note with this badge your word might carry more to some, but also may open yourself up to harsher critique, be forewarned.

To get the badge:

Apply for the badge: CLICK HERE

Once you Applied:

Once you've submitted, you'll be added to the queue for us to verify and eventually approve. If it doesn't happen right away, be patient. There aren't many of us and we all work. As such it might be a couple days until we have a chance to address the queue and add your badge

Final Words:

If you have been declined, feel free to contact us if you believe this to be an error, but please note, this is a very serious and hard badge to earn. You must be an industry pro. in order to get it. That being said, if you do get the badge congratulations on your hard work, if you don't get it, feel free to re-apply in three months!

Thank you all for your time, we hope to see many Professionals on our forums!

- TubeBuddy Forum Staff
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