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Looking for a bit of advice...I have a channel that's not terribly searchable, since I made the decision to focus exclusively on our puppet content. We have three series that are totally original to us, with characters we created in stories we write and perform, all with puppets we make ourselves.

However, I find that, unless I tend to force stories that match with current trending topics, I don't get a tremendous amount of search hits on my content. I could start incorporating other people's work into my own (do a series about, say, the Muppets or other famous puppets/puppeteers), but I really want to keep my channel original.

So any ideas on how to approach SEO when I'm not exactly making the content people search for? How do you drive viewers to content they don't know they might like?


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On the upside your content is "timeless" and does not really decay as it sounds - I think going in a Muppet or equal direction is a bad option since there you'll have much more competition.

Most people get only a small amount of views directly from search but rather vom suggestions (where SEO helps a bit of course)

Is your key audience kids and families and do you habe shows / presentations outside of YouTube?
Advertising and collaboration might be an answer if it's for kids - us parents like free stuff for our brats - good captions might help you attract an international audience for people who want to learn English or their kids to learn English.


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I see your tags are mostly 1-word tags. You could try putting more direct keywords and try gaining that bit of a niche area. For example, with George the Self-Esteem Cat, you could try "cat puppet teaches self esteem" "puppet teaches self-esteem" and similar for the 3 Ingredient Recipes.
For Sullivan Spaniel, you could try adding in "super famous parody" "super famous puppet parody" and similar things. Keep the names of the puppets though, and the series' names so that those searching directly for those will still find them.
Descriptions should incorporate the tags that you use as well, using natural language (not spamming or keyword stuffing) so that everything is synced across the metadata.
I definitely think you should keep the original content though.

Don't forget about the particular videos as well. For Orange Sherbet, make sure to put lots of tags relating to orange sherbet, but also things like "puppet helps make recipe" "puppet helps make 3 ingredient recipe" "puppet helps make orange sherbet" or something like that.


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Some thoughts - I make no claims as to how good they are...

1) Why Not both?
Do you own series for sure, but maybe have one or two that play off trends to drive channel traffic.

2) Also the thought leadership stuff.
Doing a really good series on famous puppeteers and/or puppets could not only drive traffic but also really show the audience that you're a thought leader in the space who really knows the industry.

3) SEO your original stuff too though!
Get creative with your tags. Is there anything about your build process that is a cool aspect of your show? Maybe being a small production shop has some SEO value. Craft beer and artisan cheese get points for small batches... so should really good content creators. =D

4) As @DragoNate said - make some tags that are short (but complete) search phrases. - see if you can weave in some stuff from Item 3 above.

... There was a #5 but I've forgotten it. :)

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Try and find your niche first before doing the thing that you want to do. Second, since my most popular show is Logo Bloopers, try something that has never been done before. And third, Use SEO in your video, it will help you, a lot!