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YouTube Help Why I'm not able to apply for Monetization?


New Member
Just got an email from YouTube saying "You can now apply* to the YouTube Partner Program (YPP)"
and after clicking on "Start your application" button, it is taking me to this page, see attached photo 2
As you can see I meet one of the conditions in both of the criteria, but the "Apply Now" button is disabled, also as notified by YouTube via email itself, this button was suppose to be enabled now. Tried manually going to this page from YouTube itself but still same issue. Does anyone know what's wrong here?

Please help. Thanks in advance.


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I'm going to guess that this is simply a data lag and that it is just going to take a day or two to finish processing that approval. May help to try it from a different device, it could a browser issue. But my money is on a data lag.