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YouTube Opinion Fix the comment system please!


New Member
It's really hard to gather both post and comment karma on Reddit nowadays.

Some or many subs require a certain amount of either post or comment karma to post there. Otherwise, their stupid bot instantly removes it upon OP posting.

All it took for me was one tiny "minor mistake" to lose so much karma in such short time.

Only worse when YouTube's comment system is GHOSTING out my comments! Certain words are triggering it now! "GoFundMe (it doesn't matter how you arrange the word)", "kids", "terrorist", "columbine (high school)" heck, even just the word "kill(ed)" is all that's needed to make the comment that took me up to 5 hours to create is gone in seconds and unviewable to the uploader and the public!

No one
can control my mind or cage my spirit like that! I need to get a point or two across! - One way or another! These people (including YouTube's comment system ghosting comments) are getting paranoid! I CAN'T SEEM TO GET ANYTHING ACROSS NOW!

YouTube/Google, fix this system already as this is a violation of one's right to freedom of free speech!