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Need Advice Google/Youtube Ads Ruined My Channel, I need advice


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About 9 months ago, I wanted to grow my YouTube channel in terms of views so I created a video to help upsell my channel and ran ads on the video. This was the only video I ran YouTube ads on. Initially I took a bit of a short break and didn't really upload that many videos. So my subs were growing rapidly over 30k+ and it looked like I was getting a few extra views on my channel. The problem is that I realised that when I started uploading new videos I wasn't getting the same engagement as I was before. To put it into perspective within the first 24hrs for a vid my views would be close to 500 - 1k, CTR would be between 3 - 3.5% and my AVD would be over 3 - 4 mins which was all pretty good for my channel considering the content that I posted.

Now i'm rarely even hitting half of those numbers, I 100% regret running YouTube ads on my channel and if I could go back, I'd try to run my channel organically again, i've completely stopped all the ads on my channel. But what I wanted to know is what would you do? Do you think it's worth creating a brand new channel from fresh or should I try to fix this on my existing channel by creating more high quality content? I wish there was a way to purge subscribers that don't interact with your content since i've now realised that a lot of the new subscribers I gained, are not going to turn into loyal subscribers it's purely just a number there for vanity and i've damaged around 2 years of actual hard work just by running these ads.

What would you do this in this situation?

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I have seen some funny quirks of the new YouTube Promotions feature and I have my own reservations about it. But having run a few tests and spoken to a few people who work at YouTube I don't think there is anything in the Search and Discovery Systems that would actually be affected by using promotions to get additional impressions on your video. It is my understanding that issues are often a case of correlation and not causation. For example if a video starts to perform poorly while being promoted the assumption is that the promotion caused the poor performance when often it is a case of the video simply performing poorly on it's own and that is extending to the promotion as well.
I don't like the promotions feature and after testing it decided against this being a viable option for your channel unless you have an intentional, dedicated video specifically for the purposes of advertising on platform. I do not like the lack of options available for targeting an audience and I do not like the results that I saw nor was I happy with the return on investment I received from my trial. But I don't think that there is anything in the system that would directly affect a videos performance outside of the promotions system.