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YouTube Question To FLIP my channel or start a NEW one, that is the question?

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Well, guys, I have finally conceded defeat. My channel is dead. After eight years of hard work, the writing is on the wall. I have tried everything, followed great advice, and spent countless thousands of hours trying to figure out how to turn things around, but the bottom line is, YT simply does not like my style. No, I am not saying they have targeted me specifically; I am just saying that my "One and Done" style of videos that answer very specific questions and viewers have no need to watch another of my videos is not what YT wants anymore. My channel does tick the three boxes that the New YT algorithm wants a channel to tick, which are "The Click, The Stay, and The Return".

So, I have decided to give in to what YT wants and change the way I make content. My question is, should I just abandon my old channel and start a completely new one, or should I try to flip my old channel?

My current channel has 21k organic subscribers. (It took me eight years to get these subscribers.) It is a long-form educational channel focused on homesteading, DIY, outdoor farming, and nature content. It used to be a really popular channel with over 300k monthly views, but ever since YT started pushing Shorts and BYC content, it has lost 70% of its viewership and 90% of its revenue. It is not even worth making new videos for anymore because they take a lot of time and effort to make and get no views. My old popular videos are still getting views, but new videos are dead in the water before I release them.

So, I am working on a whole new genre of videos. These are going to be more entertainment-based long-form videos about travel on a budget and tent camping around the US in State and National parks. They will combine daily camping life on a budget, cinematic nature shots, information about the parks we visit, and interesting local tourist hotspots. My old channel was exclusively about me, but my new series will include my wife and be a lot more personal in nature.

What I am struggling with is whether to start a whole new channel for this new content or capitalize on my old, well-established channel with 20k subs and Flip it. Some have suggested doing both and seeing which one takes off best.

Share your thoughts and opinions. Thanks