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YouTube Opinion What It Is Like Being A South African YOUTUBER For 6 Years


New Member
After being a youtuber for about 6 years from South Africa I have gone through so much just to be able to grow my channel at 1 subscriber per every 2 months.

When I was in high school I didn't study, I almost failed a few times, I would have the craziest recording schedule as needed to have back up videos just incase I had my computer taken away, I didn't bother too much with editing nor thumbnails or descriptions. This all resulted in me feeling really depressed and want to give up on everything.

About a year ago I received probably the best 5 messages on one of my videos I thought I would never receive until I reached 1k subscribers( current sitting at 120+) These messages were between 3 viewers that I didn't know at all. The first one started off by being rude to me, the second and third were 2 responses for different people defending me. They had the nicest things to say and it really warmed my heart so much that I decided to put more effort towards my community and videos.

To this day, I am still working through my laziness but my video quality has at least improved with the help of a friend that was willing to edit my videos for free ad long as when I am famous I still remember time and give him something to thank him for his time which I will definitely be doing.

So that is my story. Has everything become better and easier? No, but that hasn't stopped me from trying.