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YouTube Help I need help with uploading custom thumbnails

aviation photo guy

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I currently use Microsoft Photos to create my custom thumbnails. I use a snapshot from my video. I often crop
the snapshot to get a more close-up view of my image (I film airplanes). The image has always uploaded to my
channel as a custom thumbnail with the new image appearing just as I have saved it after cropping the snapshot.
On my latest video, when I do this same process, the image has a black border on the left and right side and
does not fill up the thumbnail screen completely. And it looks that way on my channel home page and devices.
I'm not sure why YouTube is doing this to my image when it has worked before on several videos. In the past
I used Microsoft Photo Editor for the editing, but it disappeared from my system after a Windows update and
I can't find it in the Windows Store, which is unfortunate because it was a much better editor. I also tried the same editing process in Adobe Express without success. Any suggestions or advice on how to fix the crop problem I have described will be appreciated, as well as any suggestions on how to restore MS Photo editor to my system. Thank you.
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It sounds like you're having some issues with uploading custom thumbnails for your YouTube videos. It's frustrating when things don't work as expected, especially after relying on a specific editing tool.
For your cropping issue, it might be related to the aspect ratio of your image. YouTube has specific guidelines for custom thumbnails, including a recommended aspect ratio of 16:9. If your cropped image doesn't match this ratio, YouTube may add black borders to fit the thumbnail dimensions.
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