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Need Advice Is it worth using trending videos?


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I am quite new to YouTube and I notice videos that come out, where one that has a popular title does well, then several other videos also with big channels do a very similar thing. If I feel like I doing someone along these lines, but have close to no subscribers, will it be any benefit to me? As it will it even get seen if I don't have a big audience. I have attached an example of what I mean which heaps of people do once it comes out.

This applies to most things on the trending page that are more of the evergreen style. I just want to start putting out content where I can start growing more. I'm not talking about trending products/big name trends like Taylor swift etc which I feel there's an opportunity.



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I guess you should focus on trending videos but should not follow them simply. Add some effects/tricks/some magic to the content that can attract people to click on your content and follow you. It happens with the newcomers, don't worry and don't lose hope. Make your content more effective.