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YouTube SEO Need an opinion on my channel


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Hello Everyone ,

Need Some advice on my channel ,

Background of my channel and reason for its Theme selection

I always had passion to singing but couldn’t went through it due to many personal issues. Finally I took a step towards it , but after researching a lot I found that there are lot of singers on YouTube and the competition was to high to compete with them. It felt like to get subscribers that appreciate my singing by crossing them was next to impossible but one common thing I observed is most of those singers sing the song with music , it is very rare that they sing without music , so I decided to sing songs without music and only through vocals. In starting it was good(promoted in close circle) but later it dropped in both views and subscribers as I was unable to understand how to promote beyond my circle.

Please visit my channel and let me know if you see anything that needs to be changed to increase my reach.

Your help is much appreciated.

Apologies if this is not right forum to post this.

YouTube link - https://youtube.com/@MrsMusicIndia?si=MmaoF_JdLMpKfV0f

Mrs Music India


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Hey rarely people achieve success within few days/months but mostly people struggle to get the best results. So don't lose hope. Work harder and patiently. You will surely achieve success. Just have faith on God and your own strength. All the best

Brzi Tutorials

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Same here.. i putted all my energy on my channel these days and i am trying to grow it but i am losing hope . Competition is to high