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YouTube Tips Any Advice for a new TubeBuddy

chris scopo

New Member
Hey everyone if you are reading this I hope everyone is doing well and growing their page. I was just looking for some basic help from people who have done well with TubeBuddy and Youtube in general. I am a stand up comedian with just over 600 subscribers, i post 2-3 shorts a week and have gotten most of my subscribers that way but I would love to be able to branch out and post longer stand up clips, crowd work clips and other various things. I am trying to read up as much as I can on SEO, what exactly I need to say in there, the tags that will help me the most, thumbnails and everything that goes along with it. I have posted longer sets from 3 minutes on but lately was not getting views on my page at all, for a stand up having a big youtube channel along with other social media is HUGE for our success. If anyone has any small tips, any advice, time to post clips, anything that has helped them grow their channel I would greatly appreciate all the help you give me. Thanks everyone look forward to hearing from you and growing our pages together.


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If you are really serious about making long form content. Then make long form videos on whatever short videos you did. You said that you are comedian. So search for other famous Comedians on YouTube. Judge how they make content, how they keep audience engaged throughout entire video, what kind of background music they use and sound effects, judge their thumbnail design, and read their descriptions. Inspire and do the same thing in your own style. You will get traffic in no time. Good luck!

Tina G

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jawadsoomro - those are great suggestions. chris scopo - TB has certainly helped me so far on my YT journey. I was using another YT helper and switched since switching I've more than doubled subs even though I am only at about 114 right now. Out of the 114 about half are returning over and over to watch. So this tells me what I have and what content I've put out is appealing to about half my audience. But something made half of them sub- what could that be that are not returning. I think fine tuning the content to come...? I feel putting out long form, then creating a short teaser gets them to come watch/engage with the long form. Enjoy the journey...

TheTNPickers Show

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Make long form videos of various lengths and try to stay centered as much as possible. Then, once live, use the remix feature on your phones YouTube app to make new shorts from your long content. it will also automatically place link to the long form video on your short.