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Opinion Question about Earning Money through URL Shortening


New Member
Hey everyone,

I've been exploring ways to make some extra cash online and came across the idea to earn money by shortening URLs. It sounds interesting, but I'm a bit skeptical and wanted to get some insights from those who might have tried it.

Do you have any experience with URL shortening services that pay you for clicks? Which platforms have you found to be reliable, and what kind of earnings can one expect? Are there any pitfalls or things to be cautious about? I'd appreciate any advice or personal experiences you can share.

Thanks in advance!

Leigh Stevie

Familiar Member
While some URL shortening services offer payment for clicks, be cautious as many are unreliable or may not pay as promised. Bitly, Shorte.st, and Adf.ly are popular, but earnings depend on factors like click rates and geographical location. However, beware of potential pitfalls, such as low payouts, changing terms of service, or even being flagged as spam. Transparency and user reviews are crucial for selecting a trustworthy platform. Understand the terms, monitor performance, and consider alternative methods for online income to avoid potential disappointments or scams. Always prioritize reputable platforms and exercise caution when exploring such opportunities.