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Need Advice New "secret channel" vlog - how to cover my tracks?


New Member
This might be a bit confusing, but here I go.

I have a current channel that I'd like to contuinue to grow. But 4 years ago I was battling some major issues in my life (and still am honestly) and started a Vlog to document the journey, thinking MAYBE I'd one day release it and it could help someone else.

The problem is, it in NO WAY can be back tracked to my CURRENT channel. So, other than blurring my whole video so no one will recognize me, what are my options?

originally I figured I'd blur everything, but after a few years decided that would be quite boring and no one could emphasize with my emotions (it's a very heated, emotional journey).

Another idea was turning myself into an Avatar, but . . . same issue.

The BIG DRAW to this vlog will be the emotional attachment factor, subscribers continue to watch to "see what happens next" in my life, and it gets stickier as each month passes.

As I mentioned, it's all pre-filmed, beginning in 2019 and I plan to release the vlogs exactly the same days they were shot (4 years later though).

Another issue, is my looks could be a positive draw. I'm not hot, but I'm not ugly, haha, so I am afriad of attracting LESS people because we know beauty plays a big role too.

------- if YOU were to watch a vlog channel, documenting each grueling, awful issue in someone's life, what would be a turn-off to watching and watch would be an attraction? I have NOT begun editing, but am gearing up to . . . but I can't help but be afraid if this someday tracks back to my main channel (although in a weird sort of time-loop paradox, I have apparently already released the videos as I ask my subs for help with something and hours later, no joke, I could see they HAD .... yup it blew my mind.... so the videos WILL be released, just not sure the best course)


(and for the record, it involves relationship issues, abuse and suicide . . . pretty intense stuff)