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Need Advice Is Channel Niche a subjective area?


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I am new to youtube channel building. I created a channel Facts2Wisdom.
The Channel concept was a broad niche as It encompasses all steps, from Facts that lead to Motivation, Success and Wisdom. As facts build a knowledge base that gives foundation to all of these three things. Facts can be from history to nature to technology, Motivation can be motivational quotes to other motivational content that leads to success, even success stories or traits of successful people. So I intended to post here
1. Facts (History, Technology, Nature ....)
2. Success Videos .... Motivational videos quotes , success stories...
3. Lessons that lead to success and life style
4. Money earning .... Links to success videos
But as I upgrade my knowledge about the Niches I discover each of them is a different niche in itself. As a subject its a broad niche where I can further move to micro niches one at a time. I need your advise that should I continue and work on the same idea and consider Facts2Wisdom as a broad niche or should I split it right now as the channel is in infancy stages right now?
What do you suggest? Your advice will be highly appreciated.
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