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YouTube Help YouTube channel inaccessible since 2021


New Member
Hello everyone. New member here. I have two youtube channels, one that became inaccessible in 2021 after I had some major issues with my email account with msnhotmail. My password suddenly became defunct and was never able to create a new one so I left hotmail and moved to gmail. When I tried to log into my youtube channel after that issue, youtube wanted email verification and would not allow the old email address nor my new gmail one. I then created a new channel which I've used since 2021 with no issues. I've got 25 coffee roasting and roaster videos in the inaccessible channel which I link to in my coffee roasting forum and they still function fine but I would like to move those into my newer channel created after losing access to the original. I dialoged with someone at youtube in 2021 about my issue but they stated in so many words that there was nothing they could do without the old email account being active.

Has anyone ever had this happen and is there anyway to regain access to my original channel?