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YouTube Help You can't apply for YPP with a new channel if you have a channel that's demonetized now?


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I had a channel with millions of subs and youtube did an 180 on how they consider this content. They went from sending me emails inviting me to events and to talk to partner programs saying how I was doing great and so on to one day decide to delete some videos then demonetize the entire channel. It's been a content purge and they basically run AI to find this type of content, anything on this field is at risk of demonetization unless you are one of the few chosen channels that they've manually whitelisted to be safe from the purge.

So at this point as brutal as it is, I decided I would start a new channel with a sightly different content hoping I would stay safe by avoiding certain titles, keywords and so on and change the content a bit. But now they don't allow you to do this. Apparently a new policy states that trying to monetize a new channel while being demonetized means you are trying to get around a restriction. You can read it here:

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D79_Bbo0D0w&t=112s

What do you understand from this paragraph? To me, it simply means you cannot create a new channel while demonetized. I know 2 people that managed to get monetized with new channels while demonetized and got demonetized again.

Another less harsh interpretation could be that they mean trying to apply to YPP during these 90 days when you cannot apply with your original channel. And also to not send traffic from one channel into another. But it is not clear to me at all. It could be that the restriction is not the 90 days, but the fact that you are demonetized. So you would need to first monetize your former channel first. But if you have millions of subs, and all the traffic comes from videos that are potentially causing the rejection of being approved for YPP, you would need to potentially delete all videos, and basically start from scratch with an existing audience that will hate you for deleting all of your videos. Not to mention the channel will be dead algorithm wise. I know someone that got rid of all videos with 200k subs and he's getting no views, and he's basically uploading the same content but avoiding certain keywords etc. It's clearly not a solution.

The only way to monetize a channel without destroying it in the process would be to have someone that has a high level contact in YouTube to tell you exactly what is going on. Like this guy that managed to find out what he needed to do exactly. Of all things he simply needed a sort of a disclaimer on his videos, and that was it.

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=doDrKwt02is

So basically, you are screwed without contacts in YouTube if you ever find yourself on these dead end situations. But now, after a lot of grieving, I decided to leave my videos uploaded to not have to delete my mark on the internet, and abandon the channel and start from scratch on a new channel, but I cannot even do this? Man this is insane. What im supposed to do then? I have a massive unemployment gap from doing YT for a living for 8 years. There's no way im going to get a job at this point and my health is too compromised to work outside anyway. I was going to use whatever's left on my energy to try to monetize a channel and try to make a modest living but now im risking that they delete all channels according to what's said on that paragraph. I wish I never started this journey to be honest. What was a dream has now become a nightmare.