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YouTube Help Why My Channel Video Views Not increase


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1. Your videos need clear and consistence thumbnails that stand out
2. Make use of playlists ro section your content. Don't forget to give your playlists a description and good title
3. remove any social media links from the top. While your a new channel you do not need them as you want people to spend time on your channel!
Just a few points but good luck


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Why My Channel Video Views Not increase
Please Help me : @Koreanwithbahar
I've experienced this too, so it made me give up on managing my channel again. At that time I was still using vidIQ, but after trying to use TubeBuddy I felt a big change, especially in determining titles and optimization.

Try it, and you will be amazed with the result.


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It all comes down to hard work and dedication. There is no quick fix. Quality is key. Each new video is a new way for people to find your channel and if the videos is really good chances are that people will come back for more.

Study your data. Are people not clicking your thumbnails? Improve on thumbnals and titles. Are people not finding your videos through search improve on SEO and try to find less competitive niches. And most important of all, audience retention. For how long are people watching your videos? If you have a 10 min video and people only watch for 1 min that is a audience retention of 10%. The higher the better. Some of the best YouTubers have a retention up towards 90%. But 40-50% is a good start to aim for.