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YouTube Help Help with new channel


New Member
Hi everyone, I recently started a channel on YouTube where I post anime recap videos. The videos are in Brazilian Portuguese, and there are channels here in Brazil with over 200, 300 thousand subscribers that get a lot of views in this niche. However, my account is from 2014, and it seems that YouTube isn't recommending any of my videos.

I've posted a total of 4 videos, but I can't get any views, even with good thumbnails


Is it normal for this to happen because the channel is new? Should I just keep posting, and eventually it will recommend my videos?

Thanks for the help


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Initially every one has to go through this tough stage of not getting views. Think about what is lacking in your content that audience is not interested to click and watch? Make videos on niche and topics people are searching for. When you upload at least 100 videos, YouTube will understand your content niche, then they will recommend to others. It also depends on how much effort you put on your videos to make quality content. Of course, SEO and keyword research have their roles to play. Keep all of them in your mind, you will succeed.


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have a unique content, an attracting thumbnail and description, optimized keywords and tags... then just wait and hope it work.
not all my videos are getting lot views, but some videos are.