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Gaming Channel A Gaming Collab!(Long Term Collab Hopefully?)


New Member
User name: ItsMeDevRoland
Title: A Gaming Collab!(Long Term Collab Hopefully?)
Age: 18-20
Type of collaboration: Hey!.. Im Masterkairobot gaming.. Or ItsMeDevRoland..
Ive Been Doing Gaming Since.. The Dawn of Time..
Im Hopefully Looking for a Collab with Other Gaming Channels
Who Also Plays Minecraft Or Roblox.. Not that its Necessary but
That has Been My Game Niche Since the Beginning.. And I Guess Its time for Me
to Try Other Games to Bring to the Channel.. Also I Don't have anything
to Put in here so here's Some text to Fill out some Lines :D
Amount of Subscribers: 476
Ways to contact you: Discord - real_itsmedevroland01
gmail - itsmedevroland@gmail.com
Why should they collaborate with you: Is this Really Required? ive already Said My Indepth Deails at the Desc
But I Guess I Have Too..
I Mean?... I... Well... hmmm.. Nothing Really..
I Got a Good Sense of Humor?(is that even allowed?)
Link to Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCA54rkFRuNmVJv3UVmPnFaQ