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YouTube Help Youtube Reused Content Issue | Get Monetization Back


New Member
"Hey there! I've encountered a real challenge recently. I received a project from one of my clients, and things were going really well. They were getting up to 1K-2K views for each video, and some even brought in up to 150K views.

However, the client decided to apply for the monetization program, which unfortunately got rejected due to reused content. Our videos were about Andrew Tate's motivational content, and the client used VO clips from multiple videos of him like interviews and podcasts from his original content.

Now, the client has reached out, asking for help to reinstate monetization. But, here's the issue: the appealing window has closed since we didn't take action within 14 days. So, my question is, is there a way to regain access to the appealing window? How will the monetization process work with completing the goal of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours again? Also, I'm curious about how our channel will be affected by the previous videos with reused content. Will YouTube evaluate our channel for monetization after receiving the notification about the reused content issue? (For example, we got the reused content issue on 2023-09-01. We published new content on 2023-09-10 and completed 1000subs and 4000Watch hours for new content. )Will they still consider reused content issue videos? Do I need to delete those before applying for monetization for the 2nd time?
Your advice and guidance on this matter would be greatly appreciated!"