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Gaming Channel Looking for either horror collabs or other fun games!


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User name: SpookyKikii
Title: Looking for either horror collabs or other fun games!
Age: 25
Type of collaboration: I would love to collab either with DBD (such as challenges, 1v1s, perkless, survivor streaks etc), Phas, or something similar. I also really want to collab with Hellstuck or other types of fun party games, open to pretty much anything!
Amount of Subscribers: 53, but I have 17k across the board if that helps - can promote you to 15k on Facebook gaming :)
Ways to contact you: Forum thread, Discord
Why should they collaborate with you: If you already make DBD content, it could be fun to branch out and SWF!
Link to Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeT29dRX3HikhhU3kZxk2Pw


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Hey SpookyKikii, I play many horror games and aim to play them all. It would be fun to film games like "a way out" or "it takes two" but I'm down to film whatever as long if its interesting :)