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YouTube Opinion YouTube News. Affiliate Marketing not welcome anymore!

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Today, YouTube announced that they are doing away with "Clickable Links" in video descriptions in an effort to combat scammers. While this sounds like a good thing, if you are an affiliate marketer, it is a death nail, and just one more reason to abandon YouTube.
YouTube does not seem to understand that people do not create for YouTube because they like YouTube. People create to promote THEMSELVES and make money.

Now, it used to be that a person could make decent money from YPP, but in the last two years YouTube has done their best to kill YPP as a reasonable source of earnings, so that now, it is not worth it to create for YPP earnings anymore.

In and effort to continue to create for YouTube, many have turned to affiliate marketing to boost earnings from their videos. But the success of affiliate marketing depends squarely on Clickable Links. People are pressed for time enough these days and they are NOT going to type a link in manually.

The elimination of Clickable Links in the description is the end of affiliate marketing on YouTube and pretty much kills any incentive to create for YouTube anymore.

Once again, instead of YouTube punishing bad actors, they decide throw the baby out with the bathwater and punish everyone. I sometimes wonder if the YouTube leadership is TRYING to kill the platform off. Maybe the secretly are. Or they are all a bunch of brain damaged pot heads.