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Need Advice White board woes. Setting up studio.


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Hi everyone,
I am trying to shoot my first educational videos, I teach English as a second language. I got a white board and started to shoot a video, but quickly found that if I illuminated the room enough there was serious glare on the board. This leaves me three options:
1. Somehow fix the glare problem with my existing white board
2. Get a different board that has no glare
3. Use some means other than a board for getting across my information (open to suggestions- for example document camera or text on screen, but I would prefer to show my face in the videos although not doing so is not a deal killer)
Thanks for any tips others can provide!

Bravestarr | Team TB

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I think your best option is to check out a video like the one below that shows you different ways to light a recording from using diffusers to bouncing lights and even the angle of the light source itself. I'm sure one of these styles will help with the reflection on the white board.

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=14vScg3kr_Q