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YouTube Tips Two Keyword


New Member
Hi guys and happy Sunday everyone!
I apologize for my poor English. I was browsing my channel dashboard and analyzing the keywords seoscore. I've recently adopted the strategy of using two keywords in videos. I give an example, I deal with gameplay so I put for example in the title "The Hunter Call of the Wild ITA (first keyword) A new way to hunt (video title) [The Hunter Call of the Wild Gameplay ITA (second keyword) Ep 1]" So the title of the video would be "The Hunter Call of the Wild ITA - A new way to hunt [The hunter Call of the Wild Gameplay ITA Ep 1]". This strategy gives me an enormous advantage because I happened to have to change the keywords because maybe I had published 10/15 videos with that keyword in that game and the positions in the search were almost all occupied by me and the new videos weren't even inserted. Another way of calling the same game is COTW (call of the wild), so if I only use one keyword it seems to me that I distort too much if I go to change it... if I use two keywords instead I can continue to insert content both for that keyword which is already inflated by me and therefore I am going to reinforce it, and for a new one and maybe I am going to insert them too.
Now let's get to the core, am I wrong strategy? should I just use a keyword? I have already done some tests having a 100/100 SEO score on both keywords. I personally think it could be a winning strategy but I prefer to discuss with you because maybe there is some detail that I overlook and then I think that unity is strength! :D