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TubeBuddy Suggestion key explorer, tag sorter, wod cloud, account access and AI thumb analyzer


New Member
Here are a few improvements that I wish for TubeBuddy:

- key explorer, recommended tags and SEO studio do not work well for non-english users. while they do give SOME insight, they are still focussed on English. My videos are in German. People search for different stuff in Germany.

- tag sorter: It's a buggy mess and it's very difficult to position tags (they flip flop between positions). Also, why do the tags open in a sub-window? Why not in the main tags-field? Why can't I drag and drop tags as a default?

- word cloud:
Does not work for non-english users. The big words are translations of "and", "I", "you", etc. in the channel's language. Please let us exclude custom words from the word cloud, so the actual topics our viewers talk about become visible.

- word cloud currently works for single videos only. This used to work for all comments. Why not any more?

- Me and my friend work on the same youtube-channel, but with 2 Google Accounts, obviously. Why does only one of us have access to all the tools and why can only one manage the account, download invoices, etc? This doesn't make sense and is very annoying. TubeBuddy should be linked to a channel not a user account.

- AI thumbnail analyzer: The thumbnail that tubebuddy retrieves from the video always gets a different score than the SAME thumbnail that I manually upload. Why is this? It should be the same.