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Need Advice out of the billions of craft videos, how hard is it to be unique?


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i will start my arts and crafts videos, when i get the equipment that is needed
what can i do to stand out from the rest?


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For example, there are so many videos on YouTube about "HOW TO FIX iPHONE CHARGING ISSUES"
You need to make content on same topic with an additional/alternative SOLUTION.
1. How to fix iPhone charging issues without opening the phone Case?.
2. Stop opening your iPhone case to Fix Charging issues. Here's why!
3. iPhone Charging Problems? Here's an Easy Alternative Solution!
4. This ALTERNATE phone charging solution will revolutionize Newer iPhones

I hope you got my point.

Stanley | Team TB

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It is both amazingly-complex and the easiest thing in the world, regardless of niche. Brainstorming the ways with which you can stand out can takes years. It really is something special when it happens though, and in hindsight it will appear as though it's the easiest thing ever. Think of every great idea any YouTuber ever came up with and look at how many times these ideas got copied by the masses. They all seem easy enough once they are figured out... it was the process of finding them in the first place that was difficult.


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what i personaly do ( i have a fitness channel) is i try to tell personal stories and relate them to the point im making (ej: when in a video explaining mistakes to make muscle i told a personal story where i made the mistake myself)

Leigh Stevie

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i will start my arts and crafts videos, when i get the equipment that is needed
what can i do to stand out from the rest?
Hey, if you want to stand out in the arts and crafts video realm, focus on your unique perspective and storytelling. Showcase your creative process, share personal anecdotes, and engage with your audience. Consider incorporating Limoges and figurines into your projects – it's distinctive and not widely explored. Discussing this unique aspect will set you apart, attracting viewers intrigued by something fresh and uncommon. Embrace your passion, and let the uniqueness of Limoges be your signature touch, differentiating you from others in the arts and crafts community. Thanks!