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Facebook Is it a Fan page or Business page or Standard (Facebook) ?


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I see many and many users on Youtube that they promote thier Facebook account to the audience... But notice that everyone on youtube.... who has a Facebook account is rather diferent looks then an ordinary log in facebook account. Still facebook looks but looks like a Business page or a Fan page. I'm clearly not sure because when i see thier peoples facebook doesnt tell me. But looks diferent then the one ive just created.

I've just created a Facebook account.. Basic. But doesnt look the same as the people who post thier own facebook on youtube... How does that means ? Why ain't they just using a basic normal facebook account page for thier fellow audience to follow them.. Rather then maybe create a business page or a fan page ?

Also if i was to do how everyone does it.... This means each time i log into facebook i have to log into the basic standard facebook account page of mine and then head over to the Fan page or Business page again by log into that account.... Which means if i did that its like having 2 facebook accounts merched together..... and can sometimes end up been confusing correct ?

Not sure. like i follow many youtube fans.. i look up to thier About me on youtube. they have a facebook account. When i look at that user facebook account why doesnt it look the same basic as my current new facebook account? Kind of looks like a Fan page or a business page or not sure.. Hard to explain. Maybe someone out there can help resolved this..

I want to grow my youtube channel., I want to promote my videos on facebook... do i need a business page for doing that or do i need a fan page for that or does it really MATTER if its just on the basic standard facebook account ? I don't no whats best or how.... Please help me answer the questions just to help me and perhaps new starters out there.

Not sure where to go with that. I mean ive just created a new facebook account which basically has nothing yet.. But if i end up with a business page or a fan page. Then what happens to the actual Basic standard facebook account page ? Does this mean i end up 2 accounts together which leads me having to log into the standard account first before i end up log into the business or fan page next ? Long way to go thru all that hassled. But im learning.

Thank you.. I know someone can help me answer that because thats why im in here to ask for help in questions.