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YouTube Question Questions about your YouTube channel. The odd things that people subscribe to you: Lets investigate!


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Lets argue the facts about things "Oddly" with Youtube.

1: Why when i had between 1 to 440 i began to gain lots of subscribers fast and even saw (weekly people subscribing to my channel) But from 440 and above i do not get no more subscribers as much as i used to (weekly) and the fact im doing good with my videos just like day 1. So makes no sense why before i was getting 2 sometimes 4 new subscriber's weekly. But from 440 subscribers already it began to slow down to perhaps 1 new subscriber every 2 weeks perhaps.

2: I have 500 susbcribers today. When i had 440 susbcribers before it began to slow down to perhaps 1 or 2 new subscribers every 2 weeks..... But when people subscribe to me knowadays... I notice that if someone subscribe to my channel today another user has just subscribe to my channel the same day..... And when someone subscribe to me in 3 days time... another user has just subscribe to my channel day within hours diferences...... How interesting. So when no one subscribes to my channel for 2 weeks and when someone does in 2 weeks time everyone is subscribing to my channel at the same day or in less then 24hours a subscriber just subscribe to my channel just because someone else subscreibe tro my channel hours before. (But when no one susbcribes to my channel no one does and when someone does susbcribe to my channel other people subscribe at the same day or in 24hours another person) So whats the go with this strange way of people subscribing? It sounds like (makes no sense how people susbcribe to me) Sounds like as if people are attached to each others which means if i susbcribe to you... my partner has to susbcribe to you as well hours diferences.... thats how it sounds like but this is happening all the times.... It makes no sense.

My conclusion is like someone is doing this to make me beleive my channel is growing but ok.. sure.. But why would 1 user subscribe to me and then i get another new person after that in less then 24hours but WHY no one susbcribes when no one does? Makes no sense and sounds like something is oddly done about this.... It happens all the times... Like people are attached to each others or something

I personally WISH i knew why people do this.. And the reason why.. for me it makes no sense.. I mean you could subscribe to my channel today... am i expecting another user to subscribe to me on in just 24hours time? Or am i expecting that no one will susbcribe to me for 2 weeks and if no one does THEN no one does.... Im sure NO one has a answer to this... you will come up this as normal. For me that isnt normal. Something strange is going on.. Do you wish you knew? Thats exactly how im begining to think i wish i knew why this happens... People are simply attached to each others.

3: Every time i post a new weekly video.... i notice someone has shared my video via WhatsAPP and Facebook... When i look at my anaylis of my channel. So ive been posting weekly for 1 year and a half now.... Someone is sharing my videos weekly. But i wish i knew who the person is how they doing it and why are they posting my videos on other social media sites. Even though.... i can never and never find who or what and where my videos been shared..... i even waited months and cant find no one seem to shared my videos.. all i see someone shared on whatsapp.. But doesnt show me How or which location or anything... And i do NOT understand why someone is continuesly posting my videos on Whatsapp.. 1 Because.. Whatsapp is not a sharing platform for public to share videos... you can share videos to 1 user only. But who and why they do this i have no idea.. And why continuesly posting my videos on Facebook... even though i cant find who or where and what my videos been shared at on facebook.... Sounds like someone is stealing or sharing my video contents daily... and has made a facebook channel where people think im posting the stuff there when i actually dont have a FACEBOOK meanwhile.... I cant understand why and the fact why i cant discover how and where the videos been posted only to the name of just whatsapp or facebook. But interesting google doesnt help me find where....

if someone is sharing yes SHARE my videos.... why isnt it also shown on google search ? Unless someone is sharing the videos privately to someone which makes no sense.. (was thinking of adding watermark logo on my videos) And see what happens after sometime.

4: I have more then 71,000+ total views on my channel. Only 500 susbcribers... And the majority 80% are viewing my channel who are NOT susbcribers.. And only 25% of my subscribers are watching my channel. Does this mean that these 80% who are watching my channel who are not subscribe are not interested in subscribing to my channel? It seems that there is more pewrcentage at large viewing my channel but they not subscribing........ So i think this is really really bad..... If they could all susbcribe to me.. Ill properly end up with 1000s of susbcribers by today like magic.

You can help answer my questions and also follow up if any of these questions are related to you as well on your channel..

There are sometimes things we wish we knew. I mean you would think the internet is a open doors where you can discover things but the things im trying to investigate doesnt show on google How interesting.

lets argue about it in the right order and until WE like you find out things... Unless you excpect me to pay to get answers...

Thank you for your time. Join and participate in this discussion. ill be total suprise no one will answer my questions or a short answer.. perhaps you too might not know the answer.. Im not profetional. I let someone who knows more then i do to get to the bottom of all this.