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YouTube Question Helping an old guy get started. Need some equipment advice?

The Jungle Explorer

The Jungle Explorer

I should have been born 200 years ago!
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Yeah, that's why I use XLR only, but then again I'm an old saxophone player. XLR is home base for me.

I think no one has made a plug-in power preamp is because by the time to spend the money on a preamp for it you would have been better of buying a proper XLR outfit. I think it's because plug-in power is sort of an amateur solution. For instance Beachtek makes an "adapter," but it costs more than my AudioTechnica 875R microphone and the audio is nowhere as good. Take a look at them anyways: https://beachtek.com/product-category/camera-adapters/

Honestly, I'd get a dynamic lav mic and call it a day.
Do you have a recommendation for a good dynamic lav mic that would be workable in this situation?


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Trusted User
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I'd check out Giant Squid microphones. The best lav mic I've owned, and they don't cost much either. He used to make these in his garage out of spend bullet casings. I certain the one I had required plug-in power, but I'd ask if he has any that don't require plugin power.

Call, or e-mail him first to get his advice for your situation. I don't remember if he has any non plug-in powered mics or not. It's been a while. Here is his current Web site: https://darren-nemeth.squarespace.com/
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The Jungle Explorer

The Jungle Explorer

I should have been born 200 years ago!
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I'd check out Giant Squid microphones. The best lav mic I've owned, and they don't cost much either. He used to make these in his garage out of spend bullet casings.

Call, or e-mail him first to get his advice for your situation. I don't remember if he has any non plug-in powered mics or not. It's been a while. Here is his current Web site: https://darren-nemeth.squarespace.com/
And these will work with this camera? No need for any kind of power?
Considering simplicity and reliability, I would suggest exploring a few options that might suit his needs.

  1. Camcorder with a remote control: Your idea of using an older model of a camcorder with a remote control is a good one. This setup can provide a straightforward and user-friendly experience. Look for a camcorder model that offers good video quality and has a built-in microphone or the option to connect an external microphone for better audio capture.
  2. External microphone: To ensure excellent audio quality, you could consider investing in a separate external microphone. This will help eliminate background noise and enhance the old man's storytelling experience. Look for a microphone that is compatible with the chosen camcorder or other devices you decide to use.
  3. Compact digital camera: Another option worth exploring is a compact digital camera with a flip-out screen. Some models come with improved selfie capabilities and decent built-in microphones. Look for a camera that is easy to operate and has good video quality. Make sure it has a reliable battery life and consider carrying an extra battery as a backup.
  4. Portable audio recorder: If you opt for a smartphone or compact camera, pairing it with a portable audio recorder could be a viable solution. The old man can record his audio separately, ensuring high-quality sound. Later, you can synchronize the audio and video during the editing process to create a cohesive vlog.
Remember, regardless of the equipment you choose, it's crucial to provide the elderly man with clear and concise instructions on how to operate the device. Take the time to familiarize him with the equipment, simplifying any complex settings or features. This will help him feel confident and enjoy his vlogging experience while preserving his cherished memories.


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In the dynamic world of digital communication, vlogging stands as a powerful medium to share experiences, knowledge, and stories. Even for seniors in their 80s and beyond, the allure of vlogging presents an opportunity to connect with a global audience and leave a lasting legacy. However, navigating the intricacies of vlog setup can be a daunting task, particularly for those less familiar with modern technology. This is where the expertise of box build manufacturers comes into play, providing tailored solutions that cater to the unique needs of senior vloggers.

Understanding the Needs of a Senior Vlogger
Tailoring Equipment for Accessibility
Selecting lightweight cameras with ergonomic grips, large buttons, and intuitive interfaces ensures ease of use for senior vloggers.

Streamlining User Interface for User-Friendliness
Simplified interfaces and custom settings on cameras and software minimize the learning curve, making the vlogging experience more intuitive.

Selecting the Right Equipment
Choosing a Vlogging Camera with Senior-Friendly Features
Opting for cameras with image stabilization, autofocus, and user-friendly touchscreen interfaces enhances the vlogging experience for seniors.

Exploring Microphone Options for Clear Audio
Selecting microphones that minimize background noise ensures clear, crisp audio for effective communication.

Introducing Adaptive Lighting Solutions
Adjustable, user-friendly lighting solutions enhance video quality and visibility, especially in indoor or low-light conditions.

Optimizing Software and Applications
Intuitive Editing Software for Seamless Post-Production
User-friendly editing software with clear interfaces and simplified tools empowers senior vloggers in the post-production process.

User-Friendly Apps for Easy Uploads and Sharing
Applications that facilitate straightforward video uploads and sharing across various platforms ensure content reaches its intended audience.

Addressing Connectivity and Networking
Ensuring Stable Internet Connectivity for Live Streaming
Reliable internet connections are paramount for seniors engaging in live streaming. Box build manufacturers can recommend networking solutions for uninterrupted broadcasts.

Setting Up Social Media Accounts for Maximum Reach
Assisting in creating and managing social media accounts expands reach and engagement opportunities for the senior vlogger.

Ergonomic Considerations for Comfortable Vlogging
Designing a Senior-Friendly Filming Space
Creating a comfortable environment with adequate lighting, supportive seating, and easy equipment access is crucial for prolonged filming sessions.

Introducing Supportive Seating and Equipment Stands
Ergonomic chairs and adjustable equipment stands mitigate physical strain during extended filming sessions.

Education and Training
Patient, Step-by-Step Guidance on Equipment Use
Providing hands-on training sessions breaks down camera, microphone, and editing software operation for a confident and proficient senior vlogger.

Familiarizing with Editing Techniques and Software Functions
Guiding through the editing process equips the senior vlogger with skills needed for creating engaging content.

Overcoming Common Technological Challenges
Troubleshooting for Camera and Audio Hiccups
Empowering the senior vlogger with troubleshooting techniques for common camera and microphone issues ensures they can resolve minor technical challenges independently.

Navigating Software Glitches with Expertise
Offering guidance on identifying and resolving software glitches ensures that the editing process remains smooth and frustration-free.

Safety Measures for Senior Vloggers
Ergonomic Practices to Prevent Strain and Fatigue
Educating on proper posture and ergonomic practices prevents physical strain or discomfort during extended filming sessions.

Cybersecurity Awareness and Best Practices
Instilling cybersecurity awareness safeguards the senior vlogger's digital presence and content.

Support Systems: Family and Caregiver Involvement
Encouraging and Empowering the Senior Vlogger
Creating an environment of encouragement and empowerment motivates the senior vlogger to continue their vlogging journey with confidence and enthusiasm.

Providing Ongoing Technical Assistance and Troubleshooting
Establishing a reliable point of contact for technical support ensures that any challenges or questions the senior vlogger encounters can be promptly addressed.

Celebrating Achievements and Milestones
Showcasing the Senior Vlogger's Progress and Success
Highlighting improvements in filming techniques, editing skills, and content quality reinforces the senior vlogger's confidence in their abilities.

Recognizing the Impact of Age-Inclusive Vlogging
Acknowledging the positive influence and unique perspectives that senior vloggers bring to the digital community fosters a sense of belonging and purpose.

Promoting an Age-Inclusive Vlogging Community
The Power of Diverse Voices in the Digital Sphere
Encouraging vloggers of all ages, backgrounds, and experiences enriches the content landscape, offering a more comprehensive and relatable array of perspectives.

Inspiring Others to Share their Wisdom and Stories
By leading the way, senior vloggers inspire others in their demographic to embrace technology and share their own unique insights, further diversifying the digital content landscape.

Case Study: Empowering an 80+-year-old Vlogger
A real-life example illustrates the tangible impact of empowering senior individuals to venture into the world of vlogging.

A Real-Life Example of Successful Senior Vlogging
By sharing the journey of a senior vlogger who successfully navigated the setup process, readers gain valuable insights into the transformative power of technology.

Lessons Learned and Insights Gained from the Experience
Analyzing the case study provides valuable lessons and practical tips for replicating this success in other senior vlogging endeavors.

Future-Proofing the Vlogging Setup
Adapting to technological advancements ensures that the senior vlogger's setup remains relevant and effective over time.

Embracing Technological Advancements for Continued Relevance
Staying abreast of new developments in vlogging equipment and software enables the senior vlogger to leverage the latest tools for enhanced content creation.

Adapting the Setup to Evolving Needs and Preferences
As the senior vlogger's skills and preferences evolve, periodically reassessing and fine-tuning the setup guarantees continued comfort and efficiency.

Conclusion: Writing a New Chapter in Senior Vlogging
In the realm of vlogging, age is not a barrier; it is an opportunity to share a wealth of wisdom, experiences, and stories. With the support of box build manufacturers and a tailored setup, senior individuals can embark on a vlogging journey that transcends generations.

Breaking Barriers and Redefining What's Possible

By embracing technology and vlogging, seniors are not only expanding their own horizons but also contributing to a more inclusive and diverse digital landscape.

The Indelible Impact of an Age-Inclusive Digital Community

Senior vloggers bring a wealth of knowledge and unique perspectives, enriching the online sphere with their wisdom and experiences. Their presence is a testament to the boundless possibilities that technology affords individuals of all ages.