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TubeBuddy Suggestion Time Based AI Video Summary Description Generator


New Member

I did see that you have a similar suggestion, but based on your response to the question, something related to your A/B testing capabilities, its not entirely clear that you understood the request and were headed in the right direction. I will outline the request I think many customer would want and give an example to help you get started.

An AI driven description generator that summarizes the videos contents, divided in chapters or time segments.

Here is a crude implementation that I am currently using but you could develop a better one (suggestions below)

This tool does an excellent job with the first aspect of the request, it generates summarization of your video based on 5 minute segments. The biggest issue I've come across is that the tool regularly generates more than 5000 words which exceeds YouTubes max word count. Also you have no control of the summary segments, ie how many per video.

Suggestions for a BETTER tool:
The same AI process as summarize.tech but with...
- A word count limit. You should be able to specify the total summary length perhaps between 100 and 5000 words.
- You should, at a minimum, be able to choose the length of time of each segment. ie summarize each (1,2,3,5, or 10 minute) segment of this video. A more advanced function might allow you to establish markers in the video that define chapters that would be summarized. Each Segment in the description should have a time link that jumps to that location.


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I appreciate your suggestion and the detailed outline of the requested feature. An AI-driven description generator that summarizes video content divided into chapters or time segments sounds like a valuable tool. While I can't directly develop this tool for you, I can recommend exploring resources like https://topaigenerators.com/ which provides a list of AI resources, including video summarization tools. This website can help you discover existing solutions that might meet your requirements. Remember to review the options available and consider their features, including word count limits and customizable time segments. By exploring these resources, you can find a tool that aligns with your needs and enhances your video summarization capabilities.

Note: This response is not intended as an advertisement but rather as a suggestion to explore relevant resources.