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YouTube Tips Results of Recent Shorts Study


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This was an interesting newsletter piece from the Publish Press. There is a lot to unpack with these findings. It may even be contrary to our anecdotal experiences. Some things surprised me in this piece. Interestingly, it still seems to paint a positive picture for long-form content. I should point out that this info originally came from Paddy Galloway's Twitter feed.


Last week, business creator Paddy Galloway and YouTube analyst Chris Gileta released a YouTube Shorts study designed to answer some big creator questions: How long should Shorts be? How do Shorts help with growth? And of course, how much money are people making with Shorts?​
The sample size: 5,400 Shorts from 33 YouTube channels across different niches.​
What they found: Shorts aren’t a silver bullet for growth (at least not compared to their longform counterparts), but they can still be worth it for certain creators. Some main takeaways →​
Like channel videos, Shorts should aim to hold the viewer’s attention as long as possible. Longer videos tend to do that best.​
  • Most creators make Shorts between 20–40 seconds, but Shorts between 50–60 seconds perform the best, averaging 1.7 million views in the study.
Longform videos convert subscribers better than Shorts do.
  • Longform videos converted 22.7 subscribers per 10,000 views while Shorts converted 16.9 subscribers.
  • But the inverse is true for creators with over 1 million subscribers. Why? Galloway’s theory: “These channels are making better Shorts on average that reach more viewers, and are using better call-to-actions inside those Shorts.”
The average revenue per 1,000 views (aka RPM) is 6 cents for Shorts.
  • Length isn’t really a factor. Videos lasting anywhere from 10–60 seconds all hovered around a 6-cent RPM.
  • Those RPMs are small, but Galloway noted that YouTube’s new monetization system for Shorts is paying creators on average double what the previous Shorts fund paid. “Shorts definitely aren't money makers (yet). However, let's give it time, I expect this RPM to rise over the next 12 months,” Galloway said.
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