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YouTube SEO YouTube Video channel clicks collapsed, channel is generally doing poorly despite good videos. Why?


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The YouTube SEO seems to „like“ my channel way less than before.
Each video I upload, and I think they are not too bad, has a maximum of round 300 views after a month.
O9/2022 I put a David Guetta Festival video up which was seen 45k x up to now. 2000 views/48 hrs but a huge drop from 01/2023 on. Now it’s at 15 views / 48 hrs
The views, also of other videos raised much much faster than now (high curve the first three days)….but in the video reommendations there were always video with David Guetta even this did totally not fit to my new video.
This brought me tot he idea that not only videos are „promoted“ by Youtube but the youTube also promoted the whole channel: Now my David Guetta video has nearly zero new views, and my new ones are also kinda stuck (no more high view curve the first three days).


More information about my channel:

It has no fixed topic. Videos contain house remixes, extreme sport video cuts, snowboarding, even video mashups of sci-fi-trailers or the Ukraine war. Just what came into my mind. I dont want to have several channels…..but maybe this diversity also keeps views low.

2) Are maybe thumbs, hastags or description bad? Or the links in the desccptiption?

3) I didnt get a penalty or strike for anything. I check during video production if copyright things are ok and all my videos are „green“ although I very often use other YouTube videos as working material for my creations (so ist not reuploading or something…..my approach ist o always create something new).

I would be very happy about hints!

This is my channel:



Thanks! M.
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Not much data to go on since you only have 10 videos in 6 months (or 2 years since the channel was made), broad focused channels typically grow much slower, and even though you don't have any copyright strikes, it wouldn't surprise me if the YT AI knows your content is not original so it's not pushing any of your videos.