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YouTube Question Auto Captions or create your own?


New Member
Hi there,
I have a brand new YouTube channel, 0 subscribers, 0 videos :) , however subscribed to TubeBuddy.
I am busy prepping my 1st video and the question is, does it matter whether to use Auto Captions or spend the time to create your own in Premiere Pro.


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Hi Tony, I also recently create my own YouTube channel. So far what I had learn and it just my own personal opinion, as for now I been creating my own captions because we are and now is the best time to learn as much as we can to produce better quality video in future instead rely on Auto Caption. But there no harm if you decided to use Auto Caption, just make sure you reviews it and adjust according to your video

Cheers to your first video!!!


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I usually dont create the captions in Premiere Pro. Rather, I create the TXT file of subtitles/captions, and then I upload that to YouTube auto-sync captions. It takes a day or two for YouTube to sync my captions with my voice.
Also, if I add captions in premiere pro, then those captions will be stuck to the video forever. I mean, we cant edit later. But YouTube subtitles can be edited any time. Also, the captions on YouTube can be auto-translated into many languages to many viewers around the world.

Tito Tim

TubeBuddy Star
I let YT auto caption the vids. Sometimes I go back and check for accuracy, but not as much as I used to. The auto captions have gotten a lot better. Less than 10% of my viewers use captions, so I do not spend a lot of time on them.

I, on the other hand, always use captions when viewing.

Stanley | Team TB

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Adding those 'burned in' captions in your video does help... there is a reason Mr. Beast does it. But despite that it also helps to actually edit the auto-captions that YouTube provides for your videos. Doing so allows you to translate the captions so that viewers can view your content in different languages.

I know it is a pain, and I don't advise that you necessarily need to caption every word in your video... but it is a good practice for a lot of creators.