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YouTube Question Nickname generator's & Your YouTube channel entirely. Questions.


Familiar Member
Join me in discussion about YouTube and your channel all entirely. If you can answer most of them questions i thank you. If not thats still okay.

Q1: When n you first created your YouTube channel. Do you show off your Email address in your about me section so that business and so on can email you when need to ? If the answer is YES.. then the second question to this is as follow... Do you create a unique email address that has the same name as your URL youtube channel name? For example lets call your channel (the talking mouse) Your email would be like TheTalkingMouse. email . com Or do you create a email like that but it is not associated with your youtube&google account? If thats the case your YouTube google account would be private and you would just create a new email adress only dedicated to show it off on your aboutme on youtube ?

Q2: You have Youtube channel you make content. Now you have Instagram. Do you name your Instagram the very same URL name of your channel? Example: Your youtube channel is call The talking rat.... And your Instagram would be like (The talking rat) Or do you name it totally different then your famous URL youtube channel name ? I know many poeople would keep the same name as youtube and instagram so people know its you the talking rat or whatever name you want to call it :) Otherwise people will forget or get confused that you have a instagram account because you call it something so different then your URL youtube channel. I personally try my best to name my Instagram the same value name as my url youtube channel.. Oh though the 80% of this means that name has already been taken by someone else.. so if you would add an extra letter or number or perhaps a total different name.

Q3: Have you ever seen those many (Names generators) websites where it helps you navigate to an ideal cool or interesting name for your youtube channel or instagram and so on ? If you know those websites... even if i go to the one that everyone recommends.. When i try to test names... i try type the name of someone whos really famous on youtube and has 87.000 subscribers.... And when i search that name if its available the Name generators.. actually tells me its available on youtube.. But HOLD ON.... that (****) name is already taken by someone on YouTube who creates videos and has thousands of followers.. How could the Name generator websites tell me that the name is available for me to choose...
I feel as if many of the Nickname generators websites are never accuracy. But i try wonder about that.. For example A user (Actionkid) is a New york who makes videos... When i type actionkid he nickname generates tells me its available for me to choose that name for Youtube... But the name Actionkid is already taken by actionkid himself. So whats the go with those nicknames generators giving faulty information ? By the way that's just an example name and not exactly the name i was wondering but just an example. So.. If this happens even if you find the poipular nickname generator wesbites.. why most of them all give fault informaiton which means Actionkid name is already taken on YouTube but the nickname generators websites tells me its free to choose..

Well that makes no sense right ? Just hate it when i see reviews telling the world that this website or that website is a great way to help you get ideas names for your channel. But if you try add the name of already taken name on youtube most of the times that name will tell you its free to select that name.. But thats when those generator websites are so wrong..... That name is already taken URL channel by someone else. Then what is wrong always with the nickname generator websites? perhaps not so accuracy as one would think hmmm?

Participate if you like and let me know specially im more curious of Q3.

thank you everyone.