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YouTube Question Can't we monetize videos where we add unique comments to "content uploaded many times by other creators"?


New Member
In youtube's reused content policy (Youtube's monetization policies), there're these 2 guides:
1) Examples of what’s allowed to monetize:

>>Reaction videos where you comment on the original video

2) Examples of what’s not allowed to monetize :
>>Content uploaded many times by other creators

My question is:
1) Will I be able to monetize "reaction videos where I comment on" "content uploaded many times by other creators"?
2) What do you think is youtube's intention for writing "Content uploaded many times by other creators" as an "example of what's not allowed to monetize"?

Steve G

New Member
1) Short answer - post the video and find out.
If the video consists of very short clips of other people's videos and long stretches of your own input then I suspect you'll be fine.
If however you're essentially posting large amounts of other people's content and then adding little yourself to the video then you won't get the video monetized and possibly, in extreme cases, YT will take it down and you'll get a hit against your channel.

2) YouTube is a business so they don't want the same content repeatedly being posted because it's not conducive to retaining or attracting viewers. They work on the principle that people will get bored of being presented with, what is essentially, the same content over and over again.