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YouTube Question Tags are important on YouTube to reach out to the World ?


Familiar Member
So.. Every time i upload a new 4k video.. i always write down a description of the video... further down inside the description i add in a few dozen # names such as #tours #walking #mycity #bigcities
Then by scrolling down you follow by do you want underage kids to view or not to view and only set for adults.. futher more you then come to the area where there is a empty box.. where you begin to add in (tags) again.. No more the 500 wordings.

Ok so you have 2 areas add tags inside the description and also in the large box below for more comprehensive tags no more then 500 wordings.

Which one is more important.. the tags you add inside the description because you can add 10000s if you want.. Or inside the box area where you add tags no more then 500 max wordings ?

What is what differences ?

Of course your a Tuber... you are there to gain achievement and subscribers.. Otherwise you wouldn't be making videos to start with. So you would end up having to publish your videos in all those tags... obviously.
But which is more important and why ? The one inside the description where you can add 10000s of tags or the one below where there's a box and add tags in there no more then 500 wording max ?

Let me know. For me these things are important since i only have 440 subscribers and i want to thrust my channel to be found and heard... guess there's a lot of competitors who has more then you of subs... You want to beat them too right ? So you add in tags to publish your videos in all sections.

People when they type on YouTube.. Bigcities.. They might find mine and many other users.. if a someone want to find videos as in Tours.... i have a #tour tag so that person might and will find my video in that category. and so on. its the way to go... otherwise how do you expect people to find your videos :)