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YouTube News Good CNBC Article on YouTube vs. TikTok vs. Reels

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That's a good article that proves most of what I have been saying. People want Shorts, but ADVERTISERS do not. ADVERTISERS know that Short videos are a waste of their advertising budget. The bottom line is, Shorts are great for the consumer, but bad for business. I don't buy all the arguments about converting Shorts viewers into LF. There may be a fraction that are crossovers, but LF viewers are 1000 times more likely to watch SF than SF viewers to be drawn away from SF to LF. These are two different crowds of people. Many top creators agree with me on this. The bigger danger of trying to ride both horses is that you will offend one or other of the crowds, or you will FLIP your channel.

SF is a fad and it will eventually die off. It booms up once a generation and it fizzles out. Why? Because at the end of the day, it is utter garbage and people grow tired of it. There is an old saying that goes like this, "Anything worth doing is worth doing well."

YES! We live in a world where everyone is afraid to ASSERT the obvious, for fear of being wrong. Everyone is content to comment on how nice the King's Invisible clothes look so that the party keeps going. But this party about Shorts is on a ship called the Titanic, and it is going down. Yes, the band is still playing, and the waiters are still serving cocktails and will continue to do so until the ship goes under, but that does not mean that the ship is not sinking.

As far as what my home page looks like, personally, I almost never see the home page. I am a very specific kind of person. I know exactly what I am looking for and am not distracted by other things. I honestly don't think I have ever clicked on a video on my YT home page. Mainly because I have never seen anything on the home page that remotely interest me. In general, everything I see on my home page is not only not of interest, it is often repulsive. I don't like contemporary pop culture with a passion, and that is pretty much all I see on my home page. So, I just don't go there anymore because it makes me angry that, after being on YouTube since 2005, the algo still could give a rat's behind what I WANT TO WATCH, and just keeps pushing crap at me that THEY think I should want to watch because that is what OTHER PEOPLE like and it is POPULAR. It's like the algo says, "Hey, this is what everyone else is watching, so we think you should want to watch it too." :mad::mad: After 18 years, YouTube still cannot figure out that I AM NOT LIKE EVERYONE ELSE!!!!

Another problem is that utterly hate with unbridled passion the current trend is how to title and create thumbnails for content. I consider it all to be Click-Baitish and Deceptive. I value HONESTY. Unfortunately, YouTube does not. YouTube's algo only cares about Clicks, and it has forced people to employ Click-Bait tactics to survive. Let me give you an example of what I am talking about.

On a different platform, here is a page of suggested videos for me to watch that appear on one of my videos.


Okay so these thumbnails and title make me want to puke.

Now, here is a page of my thumbnails on the same platform.


See the difference? The first page of thumbnails actually tells you NOTHING about what you are going to get if you click on them. They are FLASHY and full of HYPE, but actually, give you no information about what the video is about. All you know is that there are some DEALS. But what kind of deals in the vast universe of products, you have no clue Are they deals on something you want? Who knows? These titles and thumbs are trying to MANIPULATE your emotions to get you to click. They assume you are an emotion-driven moron that will click on shiny things. Sadly, there are lot of people that will.


Now, look at my thumbs and titles. They tell you exactly what you are going to get if you click on them.

This is the type of HONESTY in Titles and Thumbs that YouTube discourages. When I go to the YT Home Page, all I see are the same horrible kind of thumbnails and titles that treat you like a glitter chasing fish and all it does is make me want to get off of the page as fast as possible.
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