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Need Advice To trim or not to trim: Best Practice editing live streams on Youtube


New Member
I usually do live streams for my channel. As part of the live stream I have a 1 min intro video intro that plays before we start to let live viewers join the stream.

What is the best practice for whether or not to trim out this intro video after the live stream is done?

I noticed if I trim out this section of the video I lose live chat, but if I don't trim out this section of the video then viewers of the recording later will have to watch it.

What approach do you take?

I'd like to optimize for the best viewer experience both for the live streams as well as those who watch the recording after.


Xavier De Buck

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Never done a live stream on YT before - I have quite some experience with Instagram LIVE, so I'm VERY curious to hear the answers by the TB forum members, and see where it takes us!


Very Well-Known Member
Interesting question. I do occasional live streams. After the live stream is done I wouldn't put too much weight on the intro or the slow bits, so if you can trim the fat and keep the meatier sections it's probably a good thing for the video long term.

Swisha G

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as a viewer, i want to see the entire live. even the countdown. i think a good compromise would be to add chapters so people can skip the intro if they desire. but i personally like the raw-ness of a live