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Video Review Uncovering How BLACKROCK ALADDIN is Changing the World Economy!


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User name: fintechfuture
Title of thread: Uncovering How BLACKROCK ALADDIN is Changing the World Economy!
Self review: We make video essays about the Global Changes in Fintech, AI, The Obscure World Of the Economy & More. Share with us your feedback <3 We would love to exchange and learn from each other. youtube.com/watch?...
Channel review or Video review? Video review

Link to Video:
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVbtIMTW-Ek

Link to other review post: https://community.tubebuddy.com/index.php?threads/53620/unread

The Swiss Hiker

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My thoughts for this video:
1. It video cutting is nice, I have nothing to add there.
2. The voice is also nice and clear.
3. Content: I would prefere getting more information about the AI system and how it does it and maybe even generally about AI. On the other hand I got for my tast too much input about the company before I received information about their system.
4. Thumbnail: I generally like it, however I would remove the white circle with it's text. Especially the small text is not readable.Maybe it would look more impressive if you write $22'000'000'000'000 instead of 22 Trilion, or in percentage of all money of the world (like 10% of the world)
5. I think the title is well chosen.

Hope this inputs help! Good luck with your channel.