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YouTube Tips Cards, card teasers, end screens, and video description links


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Looking at our YouTube analytics for all of 2022:
  • card teaser clicks per card teaser shown: 0.1%
  • card clickers per card shown: 8.1%
  • end screen element clicks per elements shown: .2%
  • end screen link clicks per elements clicked: 3.4%
Now, looking at our Google analytics for 2022, if we assume that EVERY person that clicked a card or an end screen link actually completed the linked goal, that would mean:
  • goal completions from end screen links: 12.4%
  • goal completions from YouTube cards: 37%
  • goal completions from YouTube video description links: 50.6%
We can easily import end screens from another video. But with card templates currently non-operational, what do you think about the time and effort to add cards vs linking in the video description?

(edited to include end screen info)
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