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YouTube Question Question about best practices ..


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I am going to create a video that is a review of someone elses video. That person's picture is in their thumbnail. If I was to use that picture as part of MY thumbnail would that be a bad thing? Or in the case of reviews, is everything fair game? Does it matter if the review is good or bad as to if the picture gets used? What is a 'best practice' in a situation like this?

In this case, my thought is to ue BOTH his picture and mine!

But, I am not married to this idea if it would be a bad one! i can always come up with something else!


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I dont think using someone picture on thumbnail would be bad practice as long as you are following YT community guidelines. It doesn't matter if review is good or bad as long as the person is respected and not criticized badly.


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As long your not one of these people who are now showing off giving bad negative about that person... Because it happens all the times on youtube almost like someone talking behind your back side but on video. As in im way better then you and now im going to defeat you with my aggression review video about you. But no... well that part is very true.. but dont think you would do that :)
I think you should just make an easy own thump nail image... its super easy to do. I always do that and add in titles on it as a picture. Good luck my friend let us know how you went :)