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YouTube Question PRIVATE or UNLISTED, which is best if I want a video to simply not show on my channel anymore?


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I have a video on my channel that I don't want to show on my channel but I also don't want to have any negative affect on the video or channel STATS, so which is best to put the video into?


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Setting a video private locks it down and hides it from the public entirely. Even with the link, they cannot play it. However, an unlisted video is still accessible to the public if they have the URL.

Regard the stats, neither types of view counts towards the public view count if I remember correctly.


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How did you determine that? I did find the writing and tone a bit odd but didn't make the connection to ChatGPT.
Very straight forward, robotic answers, with out a bit of human variance in the wording. Spam/marketing bots are getting pretty good. You can market your spam/scam to 1000s of forums, social media accounts, with a click of a button. Basically they sign up for accounts, interact a few times and eventually start posting links to what ever they are selling, scamming, etc. The obvious spam/scam bots are the ones that post a link with their first post. lol.. :p
I'm pretty sure GenEx is a bot using ChatGPT for answers. :) lol..
If you're talking about me then you're wrong :) ChatGPT didn't get released until Nov of 2022 and I started posting videos on my channel starting August of 2019 (and have stayed consistent posting new vids since the day I started). There was no generative AI nor anything I know of that could programatically make videos or answer questions like I've done when I started.

Someone mentioned I sound too monotone and I agree :) I've never done any audio/video stuff before I started my channel, and am always trying to improve, and believe it or not what you currently hear is me trying to be less monotone :p Part of the reason I don't get more animated when I record is because I usually record my videos at night to minimize outside sounds and I do it when my kids/wife are asleep, so I have to keep my voice fairly quiet and even-keeled otherwise I can wake them. The other part of my reality is that I lost some of my hearing due to some health issues I have (along with lost some of my visual acuity due to said health issues), so I don't always hear or see what you can hear and see (like one person told me they heard a ticking clock that I didn't hear until I turned my audio way up).. Another person complained about hearing static in my vids which I didn't hear until I turned my audio way up, etc). I started using an audio tool called Izotope to "repair" my audio and remove the static in my recordings (which comes from my graphic card fans in my gaming desktop), and to help me remove some "clicks" and other audio tics I have, but that can also make things sound a bit more robotic sometimes.

Most of my videos are about my experiences with investing in dividend stocks (which is a pretty dry subject, though I love it), though I also share some stories about my background, like this one
View: https://youtu.be/Q5cBkpDLRcs

I hand type each video script from scratch (using no tools other than a blank googledoc), I then record the audio from scratch, edit the audio, and finally I add in stock video footage along with tons of relevant financial websites, stock research articles, investing video excerpts, and my own graphs/pictures that I've made. The extent of me using generative AI was in my video on AI and dividend stocks where I showed people how generative AI works.

Feel free to jump on my free dividend discord if you want to chat voice with me, which I normally only do with my Patreon Kings, though I'll chat with you if you are bored enough to want to find out if I'm human or not and if I know all about dividends ;) I always appreciate hearing constructive feedback.