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Question I'm having a hard time getting views does this mean?

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Hello @final fantasys ,

Just so you understand. TubeBuddy is a tool to help you improve your YouTube content so that it's easier for your channel to be discovered on YouTube. What it isn't is a guarantee that your channel will be found. The idea of these results is to help you find the best keywords that can give your content a better chance of being found but you have to remember that you are still competing against millions of other videos being uploaded daily.

I checked out your channel. As a gaming channel you're competing in a huge genre against millions of other gamers. Even with Heroes of the Storm you're likely competing against many other channels uploading similar content. In essence, TubeBuddy is a tool meant to help you grow your channel, but in the end it still requires the content creator to know if they have an audience for their content, make good content for that audience and have patience. It's not a guarantee to success. I'm sorry this may not be what you wanted to hear but it's the facts of how being a content creator works.

You've only been doing this for about a month and most of your videos are less than 2 minutes so just give it time. You are still in the early stages of being discovered. And yes, I am aware you have videos that go back as far as 7 months, but you went several months without uploading and that affects the channel's connection to the YouTube algorithm.

Hope this helps.


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Oh yes, absolutely. If the search volume is high and competition is low, then you have high chances of getting noticed. If the competition was HIGH, it would be less likely to be seen. You are doing it RIGHT!


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Thank you for this post. It also confirms my thoughts on the Keyword search tool. I hope my channel starts to move soon too.
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