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YouTube Tips Consistent uploads


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I tend to agree, looking back I think it would have been more beneficial to at least initially... produce a lot of videos ahead of time and then release 1-2 per day. Momentum is very powerful on YouTube it seems.


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Well, it depends on your content. I can't make the new moon and full moon to come around twice a day. I can't fish twice a day during tornado or hurricane weather. A mountain climbing channel can't climb Mt. Everest twice per day. A sailing channel can't cross the north Atlantic twice a day. A wildlife videographer can't cross the Serengeti twice a day. A farmer can't plant and harvest twice a day. You can't catch a one-in-a-lifetime fish twice a day.

People's whose content depends on real-world travel, weather, climate or intense outdoor physical activity simply cannot produce in the same quantity as someone doing reaction videos in their bathroom.

It's far better to have a long-term content plan that will keep you producing content for 10, 20 or 30 years. I speculate that most people producing content twice a day won't be around in three years because they will have burned themselves out. The person producing two pieces of valuable content a week for 30 years will far outpace those looking for quick growth.

Value > quantity > quality. Most people's videos have nearly zero value.

Quantity is simply developing efficient pre-production, production and post-production methods.
Quality is simply good storytelling, not fancy editing.
Value is what makes your channel grow. Value is what gets clicks. Value gets views. Most videos have no real value.
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People's whose content depends on real-world travel, weather, climate or intense outdoor physical activity simply cannot produce in the same quantity as someone doing reaction videos in their bathroom.
Might be too soon... but this has my early vote for Quote Of The Year. ;)

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If you want to succeed on YouTube,u need to post at least 2 times everyday
Success is not based on how often you upload. You can upload 100 videos in a week but if the content sucks no one will watch them. If you're looking for a viral video to grow you're channel you're already starting off on the wrong foot. Growing a channel is about knowing who your audience is, making good content for that audience and having the patience to let your content bring you the audience you're creating the content for.

There are 2 ways to grow a channel on YouTube:

1) You can just make videos, 2 a day, 2 a week or 2 a month, and hope that sooner or later your channel will find an audience that might never appear and maybe along the way you figure out that this method doesn't work and you actually learn how YouTube works and perhaps change how you make content.


2) You learn from other creators who already did most of the hard work and grow your channel the right way, with patience.

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Ya, sadly quantity matters more than quality. If you upload 100 videos in 50 days. One of them have the chance to go viral. When one gets viral, other videos will get noticed instantly.
Wasn't it Mr Beast who recently said that you shouldn't expect much to happen the first 100(!) videos you publish? What he did mention, which I thought was really good, is that you ought to try and IMPROVE ONE THING in the 2nd video, and 3rd, 4th etc and that's how by the time you're approaching 50-75-100 videos, you'll have a much better idea on how to go about it AND start providing better value in your videos.

I KNOW for myself, the quality of my videos are no-where near where I'd like them to be (ie video recording quality, audio quality, editing quality, etc), yet I know if I don't publish them 'as-is' with the knowledge I have at the time of shooting them, I'll get into the "analysis-paralysis".

Record, edit, publish, onto the next video.

And hopefully along the way, I'll learn and adapt video per video on how to improve things, AND provide better value to my audience.

So.... it's as if the QUALITY IS IN THE QUANTITY... if that makes sense?