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Need Advice Advice on Title


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Sometimes I teel like I'm overthinking when I'm brainstorming titles. For one of my latest projects I cam up with the following:
" Man Accused of Killing His Mother ... Did He Do It? "
To me this sparks curiosity (wondering if the guy was guilty or not ) and leads people to watch further to find out. What would you say is the correct approach here. All the SEO stuff is still pretty new and confusing to me.

Xavier De Buck

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I liked it!

Are you actively using A/B TEST on TB? It's honestly AMAZING with the stats it comes back with! Forget your & my thumbs up on a title or thumbnail....put it in front of 100's/1,000's of people and let the so-called 'statistically significance' pop up and tell us which title or thumbnail performed the best!

Obiously, in order to be able to test, you need alternatives.

How about these alternative sub-70 character title suggestions:
  1. Did He Kill His Mom? Investigation Underway
  2. Mother Murder Mystery: Son Charged with Killing
  3. Son Arrested for Killing Mom - What Happened?
  4. Son Betrays Mother: Accused Faces Justice
  5. Truth Behind Headlines: Did He Kill His Mother?